WHOLE IN THE HEAD - Them And Us 7" £2 reduced!
MOB RULES - The Donor LP black vinyl £4 reduced! (found a few on ltd red vinyl £8, grab them while you can!)
THE HORROR - The Spoils Of War LP (some ltd black vinyl left)  £3 reduced!
COLD ONES - Stay Thirsty! 7" w/ download coupon (some ltd black vinyl left) £1 reduced!
WAR ALL THE TIME / THE HORROR split 7" (some ltd clear vinyl left) £1 reduced!


7”s £3 unless stated 

SADO NATION - s/t (fanclub) £5.50
DRY HEAVES - Monotony / Killers In Uniform (Neat Neat Neat) £4
GASMASK TERROR - Like Daggers (Ratbone) £3.50
CRUCIAL SECTION - Friends In The Circle Pit (Crew For Life)
TERRIBLE FEELINGS - Blank Heads (Erste Theke Tontrager) £3.50
SEDATIVES - Teenage Runaway (Erste Theke Tontrager) £3.50
COLD CIRCUITS - s/t (Erste Theke Tontrager) £3.50
OBEDIENCIA - s/t (Solo Para Punks) £4
BRUDTE LØFTER - Ung, Dum & Desperat (Gummopunx) £2
WANDERLUST - s/t (Gummopunx) £2
INSERVIBLES - Uno Vido De Tristezo (Shogun) £3.50
MOLOCH / CLOSURE split (F.O.T.) £3.50
ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS - Fear, Ignorance, Control (Viral Age) £3.50
DOUBLE NEGATIVE - Hits (Sorry State) £3.50
TENSE REACTION - Black Hole (Bong) 
STAB - Nation Rising (QCHQ) £3.50
GODORRHOEA - Zeitgeist (Loony Tunes) £2.50
FORMBY CHANNEL - The Inimitable… (Noise Punk)
ROT IN HELL / MOLOCH split (F.O.T.) £3.50
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Executed (Grave Mistake)
JR "The Good Ship" 7" (Purr) £2
HPP 7" (Perennial recs) £4
HEY COLLOSUS / FIELD BOSS split 7" (At War With False Noise) £3.50
BRAIN F "Restraining Order 7" (Static Shock)
THE LOVE TRIANGLE “Splendid Living” (Dire)members of Shitty Limits
COLD SNAP 7” (Dead And Gone) £2 reduced!
THE SCEPTRES "Flatline Generation" 7"(Dire) 
OUT ON A LIMB- s/t- Ep (Thrashbastard) £2 reduced!
MINUS APES- s/t- Ep (Thrashbastard) £2 reduced!
PSYCHED TO DIE "Sterile Walls" (Grave Mistake) £3.50
TWISTED "Stockholm" (Art For Blind) £2 reduced!
THE HUNGER "Winter"  7" (De Graanrepublieck) £2 reduced!
SICK MORMONS "Why Does Shit Keep Falling From The Sky?" £2.50 reduced!
UNDER AL KRITIK "Insomnia" (Sorry State) £2.50 reduced!
V/A "Good Times" comp (Town Clock) w/ Fastpoint, Cold Ones etc. £2 reduced!
KNIFE IN THE LEG / IMPERIAL LEATHER split (Sadness Of Noise) £2 reduced!
SUSPECT PARTS - MAN EATER 7" (Taken By Surprise) 
SPOONFUL OF VICODIN s/t (Keep Screaming)
ROT IN HELL / THE PROCESS split 7" (Feast of Tentacles) 
DELIRIUM TREMENS "Presagio De Muerte" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ANGER BURNING "Warcharge" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
DANGERLOVES "Young Pretender" (Static Shock) £2
KRUPSKAYA “Symbiosis Through Decay” (6am7am) £1
WAR ALL THE TIME/WHOLE IN THE HEAD split 7"(Crimescene) £2
BOXED IN s/t (Crimescene) £2
BLOODRED BACTERIA / RUINED split (MSSC)great grind/pv split £2
SOLID DECLINE “Back In Line” (Heart First) £2
ENFORCER “Trail Of Darkness” (Crucial Response) £1
CHAIN BREAKER S/T (Vendetta)£1
V/A GAELIC COMP (Problem Records) feat OI POLLOI, ATOMGEVITTER etc £1

LPs £7 unless stated

PERSPEX FLESH - Ordered Image (Static Shock) £8 Limited clear vinyl!
NO - Great Space (Static Shock) £8
PERSPEX FLESH - s/t (Static Shock) £8
EAGULLS - s/t (Partisan) £12
TERMINAL DECAY comp & zine w/ Hygiene, Arctic Flowers, Night Birds,  1981, O.W.T.H., Burnt Cross, E.G.S. etc. (Artcore) £8
DEAD IN THE WOODS - The Sign Of The Son Of Man (Viral Age)
FACEL VEGA - The Body (Art For Blind) £5
PINE HILL HAINTS - Ghost Dance (K) 
INSERVIBLES - s/t (Shogun) £4
HARD SKIN - Same Meat Different Gravy (Hermit)
BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY - Of Roots And Wings (Refuse)
NOTHING - Double Dose Of Negativity (Refuse)
LEATHERFACE - "The Stormy Petrel" LP / CD (Big Ugly Fish) £10
THE GENTLE ART OF CHOKIN' s/t (De Graanrepubliek) £3
KHUDA "Palingenesia" LP (Prugelprinz) £6
RAMESSES "Take The Curse" 2 X LP (At War With False Noise) £20
WAYFARER "The Days..." LP (CTW) £6
HEALTH HAZARD "Discography" LP (Flat Earth) £6
VOORHEES “Spilling Blood Without Reason” LP (Grot) red vinyl
THE STUPIDS - Violent Nun 12" reissue (Boss Tuneage)
THE STUPIDS- Retard Picnic reissue (Boss Tuneage)
THE STUPIDS - Complete Peel Sessions (Boss Tuneage)
SUNPOWER 'Bondage' (Go!Rilla) £4
SHADES OF GREY - Freedom/Incarceration LP  (Pain Of Mind) £6
LOBOTOMIA "Extincao" (Shogun) - classic Brazilian thrash £6
THOU / MORAHAM ATTA  split LP (Feast Of Tentacles) £6
SUNPOWER "Say Something" (Peter Bower) £4
PANACEA - s/t (Sadness Of Noise) £4
ROMEO MUST DIE s/t (Sadness Of Noise) £4
BEGINNING OF THE END "If You're Going Through Hell... Keep Going (Active rebellion) £4
MORNE / WARPRAYER split (No Options)
LIBYANS - s/t (Narshardaa) £5
DISCARGA "Musica Pra Guerra" (Refuse) £6
GRUEL s/t 2 x LP  (Feast of Tentacles / Miscreant) £8
BOMBENALARM "Buried Alive" £4
THE NOW DENIAL "Mundane Lullaby" (Sabotage) £4
THE NOW DENIAL "Viva Viva Threatening" (Sabotage) £4
THE JAM SESSION “Yellow Mica” (Bridge) £5
COMA S/T (Insane Society) raging swedish crust/hc like Victims/Bruce Banner £4
SEE YOU IN HELL “Umet Se Prodat” (Insane Society) £4
ABUSIVE ACTION S/T (Crucial Response) £4
V/A “ONE TRACK MIND” (Crucial Response) feat. Deadstop,black Friday29, Damage Control,The Deal etc. £4
IMBALANCE “Wreaks Havoc With The Inner Ear” (Armed With Anger) £4


THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN - Power Joogle Pogger Violence (Active Rebellion) £8
SERIOUS SAM BARRETT - The Yorkshire Rambler (Don't Tell Clare) £5
PROTESTANT - Stalemate (Parade Of Spectre) £4
WAKING THE DEAD - Empire (Dead Area) £3
GRINDING HALT / DRAINLAND split 10" (De Graanrepublieck) £5
DIMLAIA/SWARRRM split (Superfi) £3
WASTED “Can’t Wash Off The Stains”  (Combat Rock )£3
BAMN "Anywhere But Forward" (PFC) £2


ARTCORE #28 £3
ARTCORE #29 w/ Terminal Decay comp LP £8


UNQUIET GRAVE demo tape w/patch + download(Common Thread) £2.50


PISSCHRIST "Nothing Has Changed" CD (Ricecooker) £7
THE 49TH PARALLEL comp (Donotconsume) re-issue of this great comp housed in nice booklet. Bands include Swallowing Shit, Still life ,MK-Ultra, Acrid,Submission Hold etc. £2
RATTUS "30th Anniversary Of Rattus" (Black Konflik) 23 tracks of Demos, live and unreleased tracks from this legendary Finnish band. £5
DISCOVER "Stench Of Death" (Black Konflik)  Swedish D-Beat attack. Fight the Warmachine, drink etc, etc. £5
UPRIGHTS "Wall Ball" CD (self released)  9 tracks of great punk like Minutemen, BIg Boys etc. £5
ROT IN HELL "Hallways Of The Always" CD  collects their tracks from split 7"s and the demo. £5
THE HORROR "Spoils Of war" (Grot) £5
RIISTETYT "2000-20005" Havoc) £4
HIRAX "New Age Of Terror" (Deep Six) £5
TRISTESS “Vad Ska Vi Bli?” (Cage Match Federation) £5
INSURGENT KID “Paranoia” (Wasted Sounds) £3
MERDA “discog” (If Society) inc. tracks from splits w/Hellnation + Fuck On The Beach £4
D-RAIL “The Kinetics Of A Dying Structure” (Calculated Risk) £2
HIT ME BACK “Life” (625) £4
THE NOW DENIAL “Viva Viva Threatening” (Sabotage)£5
ABUSIVE ACTION S/T (Crucial Response) £5
DOWNSLIDE “Nowhere To Hide” (Crucial Response)£2
IMBALANCE “Wreaks Havoc With The Inner Ear” (Armed With Anger) £2
THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION “We need To Make Some Changes” (Newest Industry) £4
THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION “These Days” (Combat Rock) £4
IN THE CLEAR “Out Of Our Past” (Sakari) £1
BIBLICAL PROOF OF UFOs “s/t (Superfi) £2
WASTED “Can’t Wash Off The Stains” (Combat Rock) £2
MANIFESTO JUKEBOX “Desire” (Combat Rock)£5
MANIFESTO JUKEBOX s/t (Boss Tuneage) £3
DANDARE “Uncritical Mass” (Break Some) £2

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